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Tools & Inspiration

Achieve your goals with our templates and checklists.

There’s a lot to be done when working through curriculum, instruction, and assessment, and it’s not an easy job. Feel free to use our tools for district-wide goal-setting or our pre-made checklists to keep yourself and your staff on track.

Evaluation of Curriculum Management Processes

Assess your districtwide curriculum management processes using this self-evaluation, set up as a rubric, as a guide to see where your needs may be the most pressing.

Long-Range Plan Template

A challenge educators face when starting a new process is to show their staff that it will not be replaced in the next year or two. Our Long-Range Plan allows your team to set curriculum, assessment, and instructional goals for the next ten years. Be sure to weigh factors such as data, fiscal plans, and historical allocations of funding and effort.

Checklists for Curriculum Processes

We've included checklists to start and end the year for your districtwide decision-making council, Subject Area Committees, teachers, and administrators.  


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