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Professional development that’s worthwhile for teachers

Create a foundation for all teaching and learning efforts by developing a local curriculum first.


Get more results with our Full-service Partnership

Our most effective option, the full-service partnership, allows a CLI consultant to work regularly on-site with your staff, guiding you through all steps of the CLI Model. The process begins by establishing a framework for the governance of curriculum work, followed by developing a local guaranteed and viable curriculum, valid common assessments, and aligned instructional plans.

Additionally, your consultant provides off-site services as needed, such as offering advice, preparing agendas, providing template examples, and reviewing curriculum and assessment documents.

Only What You Need

We’ll analyze what is currently happening within your district and work on only the pieces that need improvement. We encourage you to embrace the great work that is already happening!

Professional Partnership

Our consultants work hand-in-hand with your education professionals as long as you need us. Our goal is to provide you with the systems and processes so you can maintain the work long after we’re gone.

Flexible Schedule

Your consultant can provide training during you regularly scheduled in-service days, use pull-out time, or provide training over the summer.

Nonprofit Status

We are here to serve. As a 501(c) organization, we care about student learning. Our model is not dependent on the latest “here today, gone tomorrow” trend.

More Options

Not everyone needs a Cadillac. Perhaps one of our other options better suits your needs.

Learning Pod

Curriculum Development

This service is intended for districts who need only to build a local curriculum. We’ll work with your teachers to interpret the standards and develop a vertically- and horizontally- aligned local curriculum.


Curriculum & Assessment Review

This option is for those who have been progressing through curriculum and assessment work and would like advice on how they’re doing. A CLI consultant will evaluate the processes and products regarding this work to highlight the district’s strengths and opportunities for improvement.


One-to-One Coaching

Partner with a CLI consultant who will help you determine what work needs to happen and coach you through how to do it.

Includes membership to our Curriculum Ninja Mastermind group and our Online Training Materials.

Library Tutor

Online Curriculum Hub

CLI can create and maintain a site to store all of your district curriculum, instruction, and assessment documents. Teachers can add it as a bookmark to their web browser for easy access.


Please note that this option is only available to districts who have been through the CLI Model.

CLI Ninja TM.png

Curriculum Ninja Mastermind


Join a collaborative team of educators with similar struggles who work together to find solutions. It’s like a PLC for curriculum leaders!

Casual Meeting

Online Training Materials

The CLI Model is thoroughly detailed and documented with processes, samples, and guidelines in our four training notebooks.

These resources are available for CLI districts either online in digital format or in a hard copy.

Online Workshops

We offer a variety of onsite or online workshops based on relevant topics in education, or we can customize a workshop to meet the needs of your district.

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