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Implementation at the Building Level

The, “what, when, who, and how” of implementation at the building-level actually occurs in three categories. Use the following questions as guides to start your own planning.


How does the administrator check to see if the curriculum is taught?

 What form does the administrator use?

How often is the administrator checking on whether the curriculum is taught?

What questions does the administrator ask when visiting the classroom?



How does an administrator check whether instruction is aligned to the curriculum?  
How will the lesson plan routine change in light of the instructional requirements?
Is there a common form that will be used?
How are the instructional requirements communicated to building administrators and all teachers?



How does an administrator use the data from district level assessments?     
How does an administrator verify assessments are given?
How does an administrator track student results?
How does an administrator facilitate instructional use of the data?


Staff Development

How does the CCC identify what professional development is needed?   
Does the student data indicate staff development is needed?
Do validation forms indicate staff development is needed?
Do building administrators see the need for specific professional development?
Is all staff development aligned to the new curriculum?
If a mentoring program is in place, are changes needed? If not, is one needed?


Implementation of the CLI Model

A good CCC will always strive for improving practices within the district that, in turn, help to improve student learning. But how does a CCC know it is a successful group? After the hours of making difficult decisions, creating and rolling out new district procedures, and acting as a go-between for the staff, it can sometimes feel as if the world is on your shoulders and you might be failing to accomplish all you set out to. The following CLI Model implementation rubric can help keep things in perspective and aid districts in deciphering effectiveness, fidelity, successes, and areas needing improvement. It takes time to get systems in place; however, the CCC should begin looking at the rubric by the third or fourth year of the CLI Model.

Download the Implementation of the CLI Model Rubric in one of the following formats:

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