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Partnering with school districts to develop local curriculum as the foundation for teaching and learning.

Achieving gains in student success begins with developing a local curriculum. But, that’s just the beginning…

Feel confident you’re doing the right things the right way.

When you work with a CLI consultant, they will provide the tools you need to improve scores, improve your school culture, and bridge the gap between compliance with state requirements, making professional development meaningful for your teachers.

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Make a Positive Impact on Learning

Create a foundation for learning so teachers can analyze student success and identify ways to improve. Your students will be better prepared for life after high school because well-educated kids lead to successful adults.


Create Systems

All Teachers Use

When teachers in all content areas, schools, and grade levels use the same processes for the alignment of curriculum, instruction, and assessment practices, it becomes an expectation that “this is how we do things here.”

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Meet Accreditation Requirements

Make your next accreditation visit a breeze with an organization system that includes evidence of your curriculum, instruction, and assessment practices and procedures.

“Our district has grown immensely through the process of identifying and building out our curriculum. The readiness and willingness to answer questions at the drop of a hat has been incredibly valuable for us.”​

-Bart Jernigan,

Instructional Facilitator and Assistant Principal,
Lincoln County School District #1, WY

The CLI Model

The CLI Model is a comprehensive, in-depth process for creating lasting systems in the development and improvement of curriculum, instruction, and assessment within your district. The CLI Model includes phases for curriculum, instruction, and assessment, with the work being governed by a council so decisions do not lie on the shoulders of just one person.

CLI Model


Governance is the structure for overseeing teaching and learning within your district. It is the foundation that each district needs to be successful in all other phases.


The next phase of the model is creating and validating common assessments aligned with the new local curriculum. During this phase, the Subject Area Committee will receive detailed training in the areas of assessment construction, administration, and scoring.


In Year 1 of the model, your consultant will guide representative teachers of a single content area (the Subject Area Committee) through the process of creating a local, research-based K-12 curriculum that is aligned horizontally, vertically, and with state or other required standards.


Finally, the tools are in place for teachers to align their instruction and analyze assessment data to continuously improve their teaching. Collaborative teams, like PLCs, can use these documents to discuss what's working and what needs to be improved. 

CLI and State Standards Infographic.png
CLI and Accreditation Infographic.png

The CLI Commitment

  • We’ll start by analyzing what is already happening in your district and maintain the work that is giving you results.

  • We’ll help you create a long-range plan to continue our framework over time and will continue to help until you no longer need us.

  • We’ll help you identify and build local leadership and optimize local “experts.”

  • We’ll help your staff create a strong curriculum as the foundation for instruction and assessment.


We are Curriculum Ninjas

Our CLI consultants are highly trained in the art of curriculum development and work "in the shadows" to save your staff from the perils of unidentified curricular targets and poorly aligned instruction and assessment.

CLI Ninja TM

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We love chatting with educators about where they are in their curriculum, instruction, and assessment work! We provide insight from our 30+ years of experience working with school districts from all over the United States. Please pick our brains!

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