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Customizable Workshops for Your School or District

Set Mastery Expectations


In this workshop participants will:

– Clarify how setting expectations for mastery can help with decision-making 
– Analyze research and samples of mastery statements 
– Draft a mastery statement for your district or school

Please note, mastery as discussed in this workshop is not to be confused with Mastery Learning, the method of instruction.

Use Standards/Essentials to Create Grade-Specific Learning Targets


In this workshop participants will:

– Analyze assessment literacy in current terms
– Evaluate assessments for validity   
– Identify methods to increase the reliability of each type of assessment
– Use assessment principles to create aligned assessments

Structure a District Assessment System to Guide Improvement Efforts


In this workshop participants will:

– Identify the strengths of a district assessment system and how it can be helpful
– Evaluate the usability of assessment data with peers 
– Use a systematic plan to create a District Assessment System that provides usable data
– Create a long-range plan for continuous improvement in curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

Use Local Curriculum/Essentials to Develop Aligned Assessments


Learn to create and use valid assessments to ensure students can demonstrate competency. In this workshop participants will:

– Identify characteristics of valid assessments
– Align assessment type with learning targets
– Align assessment task(s) with learning target
– Apply principles to maintain reliability of assessments
– Develop scoring tools to measure student competency

Grading in a Results-Based Environment


Grading practices vary as much as teaching styles within a district. In this workshop participants will:

– Analyze the benefits of unifying grading practices
– Determine how much unification is necessary
– Create a plan to begin the work
– Review samples of grading policies and report cards to get an idea of what it might look like in your district.

Write Great Rubrics and Use Them as Valid Scoring Tools


In this workshop participants will:

– Analyze what rubrics are and what they’re intended to do
– Write qualitative descriptors to evaluate student products
– Use rubric results to determine reportable grades
– Developing proficiency scales and determine how they’re different from rubrics
– Establish inter-rater reliability methods

Write Measurable Learning Targets to Create Instructional Units


Acquire skills to write high rigor, measurable learning targets to define units of study within a course. In this workshop participants will:

– Identify the characteristics of a teachable curriculum
– Evaluate learning targets for measurability
– Use verbs to indicate rigor
– Define units of study within a course
– Breakdown units into measurable learning targets

District-Specific Customized Workshop


If you can’t find a topic from our list that fully meets your needs, we’re happy to customize a workshop specifically for your district!

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